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Tasting of n. 5 wines

A tasting of 5 wines for those who do not have a lot of knowledge of wine tasting or for those who want to appreciate this nectar in a more thorough way: you will improve your tasting skills or through a tasting of quality Italian wines, or thanks to an experience dedicated to the wine and food pairing to make your meals a great success (actually all these tastings can be combined with a lunch or a dinner in a high quality restaurant with a menu paired with wines selected by us).

degustazione vino Roma


Tasting of n. 5 wines (duration 1 hour and a half):

vini italiani di qualità

Italian High Quality Wines:

a guided tasting of one sparkling wine, two white wines and two red wines from different Italian regions
Price (VAT Included): Euro 45,00 x pers.

degustazione vini bianchi

Great Italian Whites:

 a guided tasting of 5 of the best and well-known white wines such as Friuli’s ones , Gewurtztraminer, Fiano D’Avellino, etc.
Price (VAT Included): Euro 50,00 x pers.

vini rossi italiani

Great Italian Red Wines:

a guided tasting of 5 of the best and well-known red Italian wines such as Supertuscans, Barolo, Barbaresco, Brunello, etc.
Price (VAT Included): Euro 55,00 x pers.

degustazione olio

Extra Virgin Olive Oils:

a guided tasting a selection of 5 extra virgin oils from different regions of Italy.
Price (VAT Included): Euro 40,00 x pers.

corso abbinamento cibo vino

Food and Wine Pairing Technique Mini Course(duration 1 hour and a half):

A guided tasting of 4 different high quality Italian wines in combination with cold cuts/artisan cheeses/smoked salmon, in which you learn the basics of the food and wine pairing technique.
Price (VAT Included): Euro 55,00 x pers.

All courses and events can be carried out in selected wine bars, restaurants and hotels sites in the centre of Rome.

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