Saula Giusto

I fell in love at first sight with a wine when I was about 18 years old: first the fragrance then the taste of a magnificent Alto Adige Gewrztraminer enchanted and fascinated me. The attraction towards this extraordinary product has matured and been enriched by a strong interest in the Italian wine-growing world. In particular, in 1997, during my first wine route through the beautiful Brunello di Montalcino wine district, my initial simple interest was transformed into a great never ending passion when I met the Italian winegrowers of that area, who with passion and determination create the extraordinary wines that the whole world recognizes.

Class 1970, born and raised in Rome, graduated from classical high school then I got a law degree. In the mean time I travelled quite a lot, often combining my two passions of wine and travel, which greatly enriched me. In 1999 I started working as a legal adviser for the S.I.G.R.E.C., a Banca di Roma banking group company. In 2001 I was hired as an employee in the legal area of the same bank and in 2002 I enrolled on the sommelier three-level course organised by AIS (the internationally recognized Italian Sommelier Association), finally following my great passion for wine and graduating as an AIS Sommelier in 2003.

Thanks to all the above experiences I got the idea to create an organization that would develop interesting but also entertaining and engaging wine and food quality events, that could allow me to transmit, in a very passionate way, everything I have experienced and learned about the world of wine-making and gastronomic products made in Italy.

Romawinexperience arises from this idea and, thanks to the help of those who collaborate with me, is aimed at creating memorable experiences for anyone who is attracted, passionate or simply curious about quality Italian wine and food.